A Different Kind of Thinking

According to data presented at the 2008 Advanced Energy Conference in Long Island, only 30% of all electricity generated worldwide is actually consumed by end users. This was found to be due in large part to a fundamental mismatch between the time of production and time of use of electricity. Moreover, these inefficiencies are further exacerbated by various system and transmission losses associated with the increasing physical distance between utility power plants and major population centers where the majority (up to 75%) of electricity is consumed. Given today’s trends of urbanization and climate change, the causes and effects of this problem can only grow, unless a change in thinking is made in the way society relates to its energy resources.

Renewable Energy, for the Human Environment — The Art that keeps on giving 

Changes are needed to our traditional model of power generation and distribution. At Zephyr Alternative Power Inc., we recognize that such changes can only come about through the adoption and development of effective sustainable technologies that work with existing human lifestyles and behaviors. We offer innovative and practical methods to deal with today’s changing power needs through its wind and solar power solutions. Designed to blend in with any surrounding, our products are designed with integration into existing urban and rural lifestyles in mind. More importantly, Zephyr’s power solutions aim at making power where it is most needed — at the end user — cutting down waste drastically.

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