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At the moment, Zephyr Alternative Power Inc. is entering the initial phases of commercialization. As such, our products will be, for the time being, only offered as custom-engineered installations. However, we will develop standardized product packages in the future to facilitate higher volume sales. If you are interested in what Zephyr has to offer now, please feel free to visit our contact tab and speak to us by phone or email.

The Zephyr Advantage

  1. Highly Versatile Small Wind Devices — Effective in any urban environment and suitable for many other environments as well
  2. Tolerance to Turbulence — Zephyr turbines operate well regardless of wind conditions, resulting in steadier power generation than propeller-type turbines, over greater spans of the year
  3. Rugged, Durable Designs
  4. Modular — Devices are highly scalable and customizable while being easy to build and install
  5. Compact — Devices have small physical footprints
  6. Minimal Esthetic Impact — Products are quiet and can be integrated cleanly into existing architecture and infrastructure; with Zephyr products, You choose how loud you want to be

The Zephyr Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The Zephyr Vertical Wind Turbine (ZVAWT) or ZAP is an omni-directional wind turbine with the unique ability to rotate steadily regardless of surrounding wind conditions. Its patented design is modular and highly scalable, making it suitable for any urban, suburban or rural setting, while minimizing size. Its patented “reversed winglet” technology ensures steady performance year-round by allowing it to work in both high turbulence and low wind speed conditions, while protecting the rotor from fatigue caused by reciprocating wind forces. Being a highly versatile design, we a continually investigating innovative applications for this turbine, beyond the scale of the small scale wind power.

The Lenz Vertical Wind Turbine

In addition to its own signature design, Zephyr is also a licensed developer of the Lenz Turbine, invented by Mr. Edwin Lenz. Comparable to the ZAP in many ways, our version of the Lenz Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (LVAWT) is a lower cost alternative to the ZAP. Like the ZAP, the LAP is an omni-directional wind turbine that is able to operate in a broad range of settings and wind conditions. While lacking the same degree of modularity and our proprietary “reverse-winglet” technology, the lift-type rotor design of the LAP produces an attractive, practical, highly efficient turbine that is suitable for most small scale wind power needs.

Videos — Zephyr Technology In Action

Residential and Recreational Applications*

Residential Application - Photo 1 Residential Application - Photo 2

Commercial and Institutional Applications*

*The images shown above have been computer generated for illustrative purposes and do not depict actual wind turbine installations.

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