About Us

Zephyr Alternative Power Inc. is a Canadian company established in October 2002. The company’s mission is to develop and promote environmentally responsible energy solutions to the North American market and beyond. Zephyr’s guiding principle is the concept of Lifestyle Integration – the creative integration of renewable energy (RE) and other sustainable technologies into the existing human environment, in order to create a positive shift towards environmental thinking.

At Zephyr, we are committed to developing innovative, but practical solutions to today’s changing power needs. In this way, we believe that our work can be called The Art that keeps on Giving.

Edward Tsang, P.Eng - President, CEO: (etsang@zephyrpower.com)

Mr. Edward Tsang is a Professional Engineer with degrees in Industrial Engineering and Business Management from the University of Winsor. Making his start in the Canadian food industry, Mr. Tsang went on to build the Chinese subsidiary of the H.J. Heinz Company, serving as CEO of Heinz China from 1981 to 1991. However, Mr. Tsang’s strong commitment to the environment has led him to develop sustainable technologies since 1995.

John Rowe – Inventor, Founder:

John Rowe, the inventor of the Zephyr Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, has several filed patents worldwide. He worked with the Royal Air Force for 4 years, specializing in various types of engine technologies, before joining IBM Canada, where he was a technical specialist and new product trainer. Regrettably, Mr. Rowe passed away in January 2006.

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